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L-Profil (Winkelprofil) 240 cm, Antikstahl, Kantung 9/6 cm

L-Profil (Winkelprofil) 240 cm, Antikstahl, Kantung 9/6 cm

Terra-S Rasenkante, Antikstahl (Cortenstahl)
Manufactured with lengthwise grooves and a rounded top edge for maximum stability. The Terra-S lawn border is an easy, tidy and permanent way of setting edges for lawns, flower beds and paths. Trimming the edges with a spade is no longer necessary. It also prevents the undesired spreading of roots and plants.
Delivery time approx. 4-7 working days, shipped directly from the factory. Unfortunately, shipment with COD is not possible for Terra-S products.
Unit price 84,90 EUR
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