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Anti-slug paste

Anti-slug paste

450 g, to paint on non-porous surfaces (wood, stone, plastic, metal).
Stops slugs crawling over the edges of steps, rims of plant pots etc. It is applied with a brush and remains effective for weeks. One tub is enough for a stripe of about 100 m. Ingredients: Oily base with natural ingredients which taste bad to slugs (no pesticides). Biologically degradable.
It is not suitable for highly porous surfaces (e.g. terracotta). The coated surfaces may darken slightly after time.

s-pa-zuchini-n.jpgThe anti-slug paste is very effective for protecting young plants and seedlings which carry a high risk of slug damage in the first few weeks, e.g. courgettes and young single perennials: Cut the bottom off of a plastic flower pot to make a ring, put it over the plants and coat the rim with anti-slug paste. This stops the slugs from getting to the plants. The ring can be removed again when the plants are stronger.
The photo shows how to apply anti-slug paste to a flower pot.
You do not need to use the anti-slug paste if your flower or vegetable beds are protected with our slug fences.
Pot content 450 gramm.
Delivery time approx. 3-6 working days.
Unit price 19,90 EUR
44,22 pro kg
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