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Starling nest box, 45 mm

Starling nest box, 45 mm

Schwegler nest box, made from special wood-concrete. Supplied with a hanger and a special aluminium nail which does not damage the tree. The special 45 mm entrance hole is designed to protect the birds against cats and martens.
Schwegler Starenkasten
Starlings are seen as a problem at certain times of the year and in particular regions (e.g. orchards). However, we should not forget the ecological benefits that they provide as an important form of pest control. For example, they limit the numbers of crane flies, green oak leaf rollers and gypsy moths. So it’s worthwhile providing shelter for these attractive birds.
This nest box is also used as overnight shelter by great spotted and middle spotted woodpeckers.
Internal diameter 14 cm. Weight 4.4 kg.
Front panel easily removed for cleaning.
Can be left out all year. Hang up with the entrance hole pointing SE and protected against wind if possible.
Delivery time approx. 5-10 working days.  
Unit price 29,00 EUR
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